Weekly Market Report 9/6/17 - 16/6/17

16th June 2017


We have seen less prompt availability of smaller coasters in North West Europe this week. This have put some upward pressure on rates. A couple of Owners have experienced delays as Charterers have had difficulties selling their cargoes but as we step closer to weekend more positions are confirmed. At the time of writing there are only a couple of prompt open vessels however, due to vessels last cargo these are not necessarily preferable to some Charterers. Next wave of available smaller coasters will be from early/middle of next week. The majority of the cargoes we have seen has been butane- and propane ex UK Coast and Scandinavia, for mostly delivery options within ARA. The Mediterranean market remains quiet and most traders are using own vessels to cover their program


In Asia, spot pressure premiums remained firm in June which could lead traders slowing down and look towards a lower premium next month. FOB selling indicators from S.China terminals are at June CP + USD low 30s/t. There have been very limited vessels showing open positions, as was seen when a 3000mt cargo was quoted, loading from S. Korea to N. China for an early July laycan. The Charterer still tried their best to ship the cargo and in the end was rumoured to be working a Chinese vessel.  

Time Charter Fixtures 

Vessel                    Built  cbm      Delivery   Redelivery Laycan Hire  Charterer

Mathraki               2003 22,000 Ceuta        N.W.E          Jun-17   HNR Geogas

Sloman Ariadne  2011 20,500 Bioko                             Jun-17   HNR Vitol

Epic Barbados     2001 7,200    Gibraltar Gibraltar    Jun-17   HNR Geogas

Epic St Kitts         2008 5,000     Asia          Asia             Jan-18   HNR Petredec

Epic St Agnes       2015 5,000    Asia          Asia             Mar-18  HNR Petredec

Epic St George     2007 5,000    Asia          Asia             Mar-18  HNR Petredec

Fatime                    2010 5,000    Asia         Asia             Sep-17   HNR Petredec

Helane                    2009 5,000    Asia         Asia             Jan-18   HNR Petredec

Gas Dream            2006 5,000    Asia         Asia             Dec-17   HNR Petredec

Gas Elixir               2011 5,000    Asia         Asia            Feb-18    HNR Petredec

Gas Inspiration    2006 5,000    Asia         Asia            Sep-17   HNR Petredec

Gas Prodigy          2003 5,000    Asia         Asia            Sep-17   HNR Petredec

Eco Enigma           2015 5,000   Asia          Asia            Jan-18   HNR Petredec

Eco TBN                            5,000   Asia          Asia            Jun-17   HNR Petredec

DL Daisy                 2011 5,000   Asia         Asia            Sep-17   HNR Petredec

DL Lily                    2011 5,000   Asia         Asia             Nov-17  HNR Petredec

JS Jaguar                 2012 5,000   Asia         Asia            Oct-17   HNR Petredec

Emily Kosan          2012 3,700   Asia        Asia             Dec-17  HNR Petredec

Sale and Purchase/New Buildings

No new buildings to report.

FGAS Vietnam has acquired their sixth, small pressurised LPG Vessel this year, with their purchase of the 2,500 cbm BUENA GRACIA (Built 1996 at Miura Zosensho) from Tabuchi Kaiun. The deal is understood to have been concluded in the middle of May. The price is expected to be in the mid/high US$ 2 mill’s.    


No new scrapping news to report




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