Weekly Market Report 8/9/17 - 15/9/17

15st September 2017


Activity in North-West Europe has been strong this week with several butane and iso-butane enquiries ex UKC, Scandinavia and ARA. The fixing window is considered rather spread and charterers have managed to find prompt shipments at competitive rates. We still see competition from larger coasters on smaller parcels and rates remain balanced at around USD 39-40’s basis 1800mts Tees/ARA. Time being there are two- to three prompt open smaller vessels within ARA range and we will see increased availability during early next week.

The Mediterranean market is slowly picking up and we have seen suitable enquiries for larger coasters ex Central Med for delivery options further north. There are however, still a couple of prompt open vessels looking for employment


The pressurized market in the East has been relatively active this week and there are only a few prompt open vessels prior weekend. The typhoons in China have put some uncertainty on owners upcoming positioning but this might stabilize further into next week. 

Time Charter Fixtures

Prins Maurits (1997-18,000cbm)/Vitol/in direct continuation/Del-Redel Sep-17/HNR

Coral Rubrum (1999-5,350cbm)/Mitsui/in direct continuation/Del-Redel Sep-17/HNR

Maido (1999_4,360cbm)/CNR/Del_Redel SE Asia mid Sep/HNR

Sale and Purchase/New Buildings

Sale and Purchase: Gas Columbia (1997-35,000 cbm Fully Ref) was sold from KSS to Great Eastern for $9.5 mill

No newbuilding to report.


Further to our report dated in August, the fully-ref 24,000 cbm AGOL (built 1982) was beached in Alang 7th September.



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